“Welcome to Bear Cuddler! As the number one choice, we want to let you in on our wonderful haven of teddy bears!”

100% Filipino owned, Bear Cuddler was founded on May 1, 1998 coming from humble beginnings. The first store ever opened was a little kiosk at SM Sta. Mesa. With the design, quality, and a signature tin can packaging to offer, the customers loved it, and the growth of Bear Cuddler began.

Bear Cuddler has expanded into in-line stores you see today from only the initial 5 kiosks. In the 20 years of business and a constant exploration for development, Bear Cuddler has maintained the design, quality, and the signature packaging. Even with a low-key advertisement, Bear Cuddler has made its way into the map of novelty gifts. Its quality and affordability play a big role into its sales as its known to be given in any occasion – birthdays, Valentine’s, graduations, Christsmas’, and many other.

May it be a personalized bear for a birthday party, a giveaway you receive from a corporate gathering, or a simple gift given you see on a tv show, to even the elegant souvenirs from the 2018 Miss Universe, Bear Cuddler is honored and proud to have proved to supply and satisfy with the durability and variety of products.

Today, Bear Cuddler is accessible in the palm of your hand! Yes, Bear Cuddler has finally broken through the online hub. We are continuing to search for more development in our social media and our website to provide a better service for customers as the business arena stepped into the cyber world.

As we continue to achieve this progress, we would gladly take any product requests or product suggestions you would want to see on our shelves or online! We’d like to stay your number one choice!

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